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How many more dogs need to go missing before the Minister for Racing takes action? Sign the petition to support whole of life tracking for Victorian greyhounds.

We, the undersigned fully support an automated whole of life tracking system for greyhounds. 

Through lack of tracking and oversight, Victoria is growing the illegal Chinese greyhound industry.

In the past three years, greyhound advocacy groups have discovered the illegal export, racing and breeding of Australian dogs that the industry claimed had retired or were still racing on-shore. 

Canya Cruise, Turbo Thomas, Deliver, Aston Lee and Aston Gigante should have been rehomed here in Victoria. But there is no cap on breeding and the industry knows it's in the peak of a rehoming crisis.

In Victoria, the greyhound industry currently breeds almost 4 times as many dogs as it has the capacity to rehome. Greyhounds who are still considered suitable and profitable are even being given away free on social media for trainers to make way for more and more puppies.

The industry’s own rehoming program (GAP) has a waitlist to take dogs in that has just increased from 6 months to 9 months. This means dogs wait longer with their trainers, race longer than they were planned, or die secretly in the interest of greed.

In an Australian first, we call on the government to implement complete, whole of life tracking as the first step in protecting young, healthy greyhounds from unnecessary suffering.