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Without the safety of established tree hollows - Southern Greater Gliders simply won't survive.  We need your help to cancel the burn.

We the undersigned, fully support the cancellation of planned burns in Stathbogie State Forest and have serious concerns for the nationally endangered Southern Greater Gliders that currently call the forest home.  

Seventy-four per cent of the Strathbogie Ranges have been cleared for animal agriculture and forestry since European colonisation.  This represents an estimated loss of at least 66,000 Southern Greater Gliders.  Overall populations have declined 80% in the past 20 years.

In 2015, volunteers estimated that a single planned burn at Tames Rd in Strathbogie State Forest led to the death of 100 - 240 individual Gliders.  This year the death toll is expected to double.

The government acknowledges the threatened status of the Greater Glider and in 2019, declared Strathbogie State Forest an Immediate Protection Area.  The planned burning of crucial habitat contravenes these important protections. 

We can't imagine Victoria without the Southern Greater Glider.  Please support our calls to immediately cancel the burns while a thorough, evidence based assessment of the impact to Greater Gliders is established.