SIGN: Justice for kangaroo killed with machinery

Extreme acts of cruelty to wildlife are on the rise. In recent times in Victoria, we’ve seen the poisoning of wedge-tailed eagles, emus run down by a car, and koalas massacred on farmland. 

We can't let this cruelty go unnoticed.

Sign the petition calling on the Minister for Environment to act.

Dear Lily D'Ambrosio - Minister for Environment,

We the undersigned are concerned about an act of extreme cruelty to a native animal, which must be urgently addressed.

Video footage has emerged showing a kangaroo being chased down and killed with machinery off a tractor. The government must address this immediately. 

More broadly, more needs to be done to protect Victoran wildlife from cruelty. Our native animals will never be truly respected while some can be shot for recreation, under permits and in so-called harvesting programs.