Brumbies deserve better than a bullet. If you agree, take action by signing our petition.

Dear Lily D'Ambrosio - Minister for Environment,

We, the undersigned, fully support the protection and non-lethal management of Victorian brumbies.

We acknowledge the inherent cruelty in current shooting campaigns and call for better research towards fertility control, as well as the capture and rehoming of wild populations.

Whilst adult brumbies don’t have any natural predators, populations are threatened by drought, food scarcity and parasites with very few wild horses reaching their maximum life span of 20 years. 

Fertility control in conjunction with rehoming has proven successful in wild horse and other species populations for over two decades.

Not only do these methods provide humane alternatives to lethal control, but they may also prove to be more effective than current aerial shooting campaigns - since targets from helicopters are often missed, leading to unsuccessful culls.

We are hopeful that the government will acknowledge their responsibility to find solutions for wild animals without the use of violence.