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How many dogs need to die before the Minister for Racing takes action?

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Dear Anthony Carbines (Minister for Racing),

We the undersigned, fully support an inquiry into greyhound racing in Victoria.

In September last year, Montag Bale fell at The Meadows and was trampled by other dogs, she fractured her leg and was later euthanised. It was her second race. 

By the end of the year, 44 greyhounds had been killed in Victoria by this cruel industry. 

These horrific statistics don’t take into account the ‘wastage’ - those killed because they didn’t make the grade or were considered superfluous through over breeding.

In 2022, a $6m government funded racetrack set to promote ‘welfare’ and ‘safety’ became one of the most unsafe tracks in Australia, recording 5 deaths and almost 400 injuries.

We urge you as the Minister for Racing to support our call for an immediate inquiry into greyhound racing.